Sunday, May 14, 2006

Diskriminacio kontraŭ la HIV+uloj

Se la menciita io en la Emirlanda Komunumblogo estus vera, kaj menciita en 7DAYS gazeto. Do, tio estas rabia kaj koleriga el la Polico Dubaja, antaŭ nelonge mi parolis pri la Al Emarat Alyoum artiklo diris pri la fidado de la residantoj de AbuDabio ekzistas por la Polico tien; mi ne fidas al Polico, eĉ se estus "la plej bona polico en la mondo".

Jen mia komento por la artiklo:

As a friend of an HIV+ person (his blog is unfortunately blocked), I realize and notice how some people can become quite discriminant of people carrying the virus.

It's disgusting how the entire thought shows an intention to the invasion of privacy. This is not the way to tackle the increase in HIV+ people in the UAE.

Most people do have a conscience, you know, if they know that they're HIV+ they'd take constraints with their sex life and do something about it. My friend's one of the founder's of RugUp, which I think is quite a good way of spreading vigilance about the entire issue. Maybe a better way is to make things clearer about the HIV/AIDS issue, not simply banning HIV+ people from coming over.

How about large and loud safe-sex ads? Despite the legal status of sex, law never stopped people from having sex. Might as well convince people that if they're going to have sex, they might as well do a safe job at it.

Hell, considering the way HIV+ people are treated here in the country, I'd keep my status to myself if I'm tested positive.

hehe, guess there's going to be a lot of moaning about the issue from me, Buj. :)


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