Sunday, February 12, 2006

Retaj Leĝoj en la Emirlandoj

- Article No 20 states that anyone found publishing information in breach of general order and public decency will be sentenced to not more than five years in jail.

Pro iu kaŭzo, mi ne ŝatas Artiklo 20a. Bedaŭrinde, tie ĉi ne estas Svislando: Mi ne povas peticigi por referendumo pri tiu leĝo.

Kio estas "publika dececo"?! Povas vi doni min respondon?


Blogger BuJ said...

Hi there,

You seem to have interesting topics, but it's hard to read, and messy thru a translator! Why not make a mirror site in say Arabic, English or Sawahili ?

keep the love flowing :)

12 February, 2006 15:13  
Blogger Samawel said...

Yeah, it does seem messy... haha... Machine translators are supposed to work better with Esperanto since it's such a systematic language.

But I'd love to have an Arabic mirror, but it just wont be sane really... I'm not kidding when I say, I'm far to liberal for most of the Arabs I know... Being an Arab myself, I do see how bad I can seem when I display my opinions openly... :( I'm just luckier with college students with being a liberal, rather than people past the 25 year mark, at least the one's I've had a political conversation with.

Meanwhile in English? That's even worse, since Etisalat, and the TRA seem to watch the English blogs more so than the blogs in any other languages, including the Arabic ones...

And like I said in this entry about the new cybercrime law. I'd probably get my butt into a bit of a big pickle for expressing my liberalism even online... Considering I'm based in the UAE... But anyways, if the my freedom to have an opinion (constitutional) and to express it is still going to be stamped upon and dissed and the rest of it, I'll probably have to find myself a place in the US or Canada when I graduate from college...

Like my dad was, I'm just far to expressive about opinions that are generally not held by most locals.

I've been told to shut up only yesterday for talking about cultural assimilation with some people I knew. hehe

13 February, 2006 11:02  

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