Sunday, March 05, 2006

P/For BuJ

BuJ tuŝetis min..... (Ĝi estas la soltempo kiam mi skribis Angle, this would be the only time I write in English... For the sake of the curious ;) )
...and it goes something like this:
(in chronological order where possible)

Four jobs I've had:

- General Artist (no really, I've done everything from burning canvases as art, to writing poetry and prose that everyone seemed to think was meaningless, or crazy)
- The peer tutor in high school, banging knowledge into the heads of my fellow students
- Poker student, and I'm not speaking of the gambling poker, but rather poker consisting of a lot of poking.
- Thinker, for those who simply don't think...

Four movies I could watch over and over:

- West Beirut (BuJ, who knew that is one of the best little Arabic films I've watched in ages)
- The Hours
- Hauru no Ugoku Shiro (Howl's Moving Castle) - (always subtitled)
- Proteus (a South African film, always subtitled too)

(remember, dubbed films are always ruined...)

Four places I've lived in:

- Dubai
- Nowhere else, unless you'll consider my future as planned:
-Zurich, Switzerland
-Montreal, Canada
-New York City, US

Two TV shows I like:

- Oprah

Four places I've been to on holiday:

- Zurich, Switzerland
- Paris, France
- Como, Italy
- Jeddah, KSA (at the time I was there, I hated it... Passionately hated it... I don't think I plan to go back anytime over the next 20 years)

Four favorite dishes:

- Anything that is a tribute to the little deifiable thing called Cocoa
- Yams/Sweet Potatos (which name do you prefer?)
- Thareed
- Punjabi Samosas

Four sites I visit frequently:

- BBC News
- Gulf News
- Wikipedia
- Khaleej Times

(I must say, I feel like it's the most biased of newspapers here in Dubai... I personally consider it to be the Dubaian edition of a far-right newspaper. Gulf News is more like a center-right paper. BBC News is a lightly biased, largely center-left source of information. Wikipedia, that is off the left-right thing: that is a perfected society. To all writers, get yourself to Wikipedia, and register into your first/favorite language edition of Wikipedia, and start working/editing/writing.)

Four books I've read:

- The Trouble with Islam by Irshad Manji (good book, a good read, even if some of you out there may hate her)
- The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
- The History of God by Karen Armstrong
- Book of Samuel, part of the Old Testament/Neviim, of the Bible.

Four bloggers that will be tagged with this:

-Hmm.. I honestly doubt anyone reads this... If you read this, and you're a blogger, consider yourself tagged... *evil laugh* And then tell me that you considered yourself tagged, out of my taggedness... It's always reassuring to know that my rants/thoughts are getting to someone's mind, regardless of how you take it.

Cheers all.


Blogger BuJ said...

cool.. you've been to como? i went as well 2 yrs ago.. i'll try to find some pics!

your blog is very interesting.. is it part of a project or something at the great academic establishment you study at?

if i might suggest something, then why not post in english and espirano (did i get it right?) for the benifit of us who only speak english, arabic and tagalog :)

i noticed a lot of latin in the epsirano but hey.. not enough for me to know what it's about!

05 March, 2006 21:36  
Blogger Samawel said...

It's a personal project, it's not at all affiliated with any university/academic establishment that exists... It's simply my own way of expressing my extremely unconventional thoughts (considering my being an Emirati)...

Maybe I should actually start a mirrorish blog in English. But isn't there enough of me's typing in English? I will start working on it.

And yep, Latin is largely the mother language of Esperanto, but there's a bit of Greek and Slavic influences in Esperanto.

06 March, 2006 10:51  
Blogger BuJ said...

very interesting.. i am looking for a half decent translator because i can understand in general what you're saying in esperanto but i get lost when there's a bit of detail.

also... i object to your statement about having extremely unconventional thoughts for an Emirati.. well well.. ya3ni every nationality is allowed to think in a way suitable to the nationality?

people think as people not as nationalities or passports :)

mabrook on the arabic blog.. very nice..
instead of mirror blogging u can perhaps just paste a translation in the same post.. it would be easier for the authour and the reader

keep the good work.. mashalla 3leik :)

08 March, 2006 01:11  

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